Company Information

Paramount Seminars: Who we are…
Paramount Seminars is a leader in providing the highest quality educational seminars throughout North America. While Paramount Seminars’ corporate headquarters is located in Omaha, Nebraska, we train today and tomorrow’s leaders in most geographic locations in the United States and Canada. Our faculty members are experts in their field, not professional speakers that pretend to understand the topics. Our faculty work every day within the field and topic areas in which they are presenting and have passed very selective criteria based on years of experience and knowledge within the field. Paramount Seminars focuses on interactive, hands-on learning methods, and real world examples all within first class learning environments that help advance the attendees’ professional growth and development. We understand it is not enough to simply listen, and we encourage communication from our attendees during the presentation to ensure a full understanding of the material provided. To that end, when you leave our seminars, you have the understanding and confidence to improve your business by implementing best practices and proven solutions.

Mission Statement
Paramount will provide seminars presented by today’s leaders in their respective fields, with time sensitive, precise and clear information that will enable our attendees who implement these strategies a competitive edge in their respective business and enhance their own professional development.

Our People
Our business is based on successful people that live by the following values:
  • Know your clients and react to their needs
  • Demonstrate the positive
  • Gather facts and act on them
  • Be timely
  • Accept only the best
  • Celebrate Success
  • Appreciate your customers and let them know
How our people make it happen:
  1. We listen to our clients needs and provide seminars that answer the most pressing issues facing leaders in the industry.
  2. We bring faculty to smaller population centers that normally do not attract such top notch professionals in their fields at the convenience of the client.
  3. Our seminars will be featured at a fair price, in first class meeting centers, conducted in a professional manner, with a comfortable atmosphere.
  4. Our faculty will do what it takes to see that our clients clearly understand important issues, and how to implement changes in their practices to improve their competitive edge.
  5. We will provide the tools our faculty needs to complete the learning process in an environment that promotes excellence, growth and teamwork.